Andela Review: Get answers to the main questions

Do you want to find out more about Andela and realize whether they are a trustworthy partner for hiring software engineers? You’re in the right place. Below you will find answers to all questions you may have about Andela: how the company works with clients, how it was founded, the main features of the company, whether they treat their employees well, and if clients are satisfied with the service.

What is Andela

Andela’s business

Andela is a global talent marketplace where tech, fintech, and startup companies can build remote teams by hiring skilled engineers, product managers, and designers. They have a team of 450 employers from more than 30 countries, all working remotely.

Andela’s services and approach

Andela company not only provides services for clients like sourcing and assessment, connecting candidates with jobs, and helping them to scale core teams quickly and with minimum resources. They also help their candidates get educated and develop new skills, thus creating a talent pool for further collaborations.

Andela is known for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company sources talent from various African countries, promoting a multicultural and multinational workforce. They don’t limit their selection to a specific demographic but rather focus on individuals’ potential and skills, regardless of their background.

Andela website

Andela’s founders and history

Сompany was cofounded by six young entrepreneurs in 2014. Only one of the founders continues to work at Andela nowadays — Jeremy Johnson.

Andela’s first software engineers and developers were not the highly skilled and experienced professionals they are today— they were trained and raised by the company using Fellowship, a four-year program for junior engineers. This was the only way for them to join the company — completing the study program and proving they were skilled enough for the job. 

Later, many things changed: in 2019 the Fellowship program ended, and the company started hiring mid-level and senior engineers. However, education remains one of Andela’s strengths: all applicants can receive online training in various programming languages. 

As previously mentioned, Andela hails from Africa, as does their first cohort of software engineers. Since starting in Nigeria in 2014, in 2022, the company has expanded its presence in 37 countries. 

Also, today, the company hires not only software engineers. There are also developers, designers, and product managers from six continents and more than 110 countries. From this, we can conclude that «diversity» is incredibly valuable for the company.

Valuation of the company

Series A brought $10 million in 2015. According to PitchBook Andela review, during the last series of investments, Series E, SoftBank invested $200 million into Andela. So in 2023, they are valued at $1,5 billion.

The latest round of investments also brought some changes to the management — going forward, the founding partner at SoftBank, Lydia Jett, will be part of the company’s board. The folks at SoftBank believe in the future of talent pools of remote technical professionals as remote collaboration continues to be normalized in the modern world. 

Apart from SoftBank Investment Advisers, some of the most prominent Andela investors are 4DX Ventures, BuildGroup, Metis Capital Partners, and Rogue Insight Capital.

Andela for clients

Andela’s target customers are tech companies and startups looking for remote developers, product managers, and designers. If you can relate — this section is for you. Here you can discover products, services, how Andela works with clients, and what it charges, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

How does one start working with Andela

Cooperation with Andela starts with filling out a form at their site. Then, a representative of the company will reach out to you to signup for consultation. After they discover all the details of the job and requirements for the candidate, they will clarify them by asking additional questions.
Then within three to four business days, you will be connected with someone Andela believes is the perfect match for your team. And you can start work right away with them on pre-agreed terms.

Andela’s pros and cons for clients from the USA

Companies and enterprises from the USA often consider working with Andela. Let’s find out whether it’s a great idea for them, looking specifically at its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Andela

Vetting process


They claim to hire the best developers and to have a system that does so, supposedly well. Their rigorous vetting process includes previous screening, psychometric tests, and pair programming exercises, and this is just a part of it. They receive around 25,000 applicants annually and hire just a tiny amount of 0,5% of them.

High expertise


Extremely high expertise of engineers from the earlier batches of developers. Remember we talked previously about the Fellowship program? The one that was an intense and complete 4-year program for junior engineers that raised them into really skilled professionals. If you get an engineer who attended this program, you are extra lucky.

Number of professionals


Number of professionals in the talent pool. Andela company has more than 175,000 engineers, designers, and product managers in its community. Given the meticulous vetting process each has undergone, there’s a great chance that somewhere among them is a perfect candidate for you.

Cons of Andela

Only long-term hirings


They work only with long-term contracts. Thus you won’t be able to hire a freelancer for an ad-hoc or a part-time project.

Lack of senior developers


May be lacking senior developers. Though they had a great educational program to raise seniors for some time, there was a gap during which few senior developers entered the company. Only recently, they’ve shifted to hiring senior developers.



Andela’s pricing is not low. It instead has the pricing of market leaders. If your budget is not essential, Andela is probably not the partner you are looking for.

Lack of reviews


There are a lot of Andela reviews you can find coming from people they hire, but not enough reviews coming from companies. This may alert you when you are exploring the market and need help finding enough information. But we’ve found some relevant ones and are ready to share them with you.

Andela clients' reviews

Andela review website

Andela review website

Andela reviews

Andela review

Andela employees’ reviews

Andela review screenshot

Andela reviews website

Andela’s pricing

Companies like Andela tend to conceal their package rate for more engagement with  potential clients, as there are no other ways to reveal their pricing. However, we have some information to share with you. 

In 2020, Forbes reported Andela’s revenue to vary from $50,000 to $120,000 per developer. That means that one would pay around $4,000 for hiring a software engineer associate, but if you are looking for a full-time developer, the price would rise to $12,000 per month. And let’s keep in mind that for the past two years, prices have increased by 10-20% or even more for highly qualified professionals.  

This pricing can suit bigger businesses and enterprises, but for startups and small businesses the prices are likely to be too high.

Andela pricing website

Andela’s careers and hiring process

Talents are Andela's primary value, and it's in their interest to attract as many qualified and prospective specialists as possible. But to ensure they find truly vetted professionals, they have quite a long and thorough hiring process that can be split into 3 rounds.

First screening interview


The first contact with companies representative — is the recruiter. At this stage, the candidate will go through their first interview in the company, during which the recruiter will share some additional details on the role, and the candidate will share some info about their background, skills, and qualifications. After the interview, the candidate will receive feedback. And if it is positive, they will move forward.

Skills assessment


It is the time to speak with Hiring Manager, who will assess candidates’ skills, knowledge, and experience and see if they fit the role. If they do, at this stage, the candidate is also supposed to meet a few stakeholders to ensure core skills.

Values Matching and Skills Evaluation


The last stage, during which Andela representatives will check if the candidate matches their values and culture. Then the candidate will be explicitly evaluated on their technical skills, critical thinking, and other significant expertise relevant to the role. Of course, each round is conducted in English, so knowledge of English is crucial for those wanting to work at the company.

How to apply for Andela

You can get acquainted with Andela jobs and open positions at the site. You need to go to their careers page, choose an open role, and fill out the application form. Nothing unusual at this stage, the most interesting begins with the hiring and interviewing process described above. Here would be better for a candidate to stock up on patience, time, and persistence to go through it until the end.

Andela's average salaries for different tech professionals

Above, we have already discussed how much it costs to hire someone from a company for clients. Of course, as with Andela’s pricing for clients, they do not reveal their salaries. But people are always happy to share their compensation size anonymously at such services as glassdoor. So, According to glassdoor, a skilled software engineer would receive $150,000 on average, starting with $120,000 for middle and $217,000 for qualified seniors.

Average salaries for specific engineering roles are like that:

Andela's main competitors

If you’re looking for remote software developers or a developer team, Andela is one of many places to search for them. There are many alternatives, talent pools, and freelance platforms you may consider. In this section, we will go through 5 of Andela competitors, one by one.


StartupSoft is a talent pool with thousands of Ukrainian engineers and designers who work mainly with world-class businesses and startups from Silicon Valley and the EU. Like Andela, they provide clients with full-time specialists that act as an integral part of their team. 

StartupSoft’s primary qualification is to hire, manage and retain remote employees. They take care of every step in the hiring process for you. Startups and businesses receive full ownership, regardless of work conditions (remote or in-house) and geography. They strive to create an in-house experience within a remote team. 

Here’s what the flow of searching for a perfect specialist in your team would look like with StartupSoft:

  • When you open a vacancy, the search begins among the network of 1,200 engineers and designers. 
  • You will be shown only the top 5% of candidates who were selected relying on tech skills, soft skills, and a match of the culture and values.
  • Once you choose a candidate (who has successfully passed the screening process) you pay the fee and the 3-month probation period starts, during which SoftServe will do everything involved with onboarding and supporting the newcomer.

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If you’re looking for a reliable partner that would hand-pick top tech talent for you, we’d recommend checking out StartupSoft. We know we might
be biased, but we’re quite confident we’ll be able to make that perfect tech match for you.

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Is Andela worth it for hiring

Andela is a great partner for a company that seeks to hire remote developers or teams but could be better. Like everyone, they have some pros and cons that can be relevant for a particular company at a specific moment. If you share the diversity value, Andela is the way to go.
But if you put some rational thoughts into the decision-making process, there might be better options — better pricing, better conditions, and higher quality developers.

FAQ: short answers to the main questions

What is Andela?


Andela is a global talent marketplace where tech, fintech, and startup companies can build remote teams by hiring skilled engineers, product managers, and designers.

Who founded Andela?


Andela was cofounded by six young entrepreneurs in 2014. Only one of the founders continues to work at the company nowadays — Jeremy Johnson.

How much does Andela worth?


In 2022, its valuation reached $1,5 billion.

How much does Andela pay?


Average salaries for specific engineering roles are like that:

Software Developer — $110,000

Technical team lead — $160,000

IOS Developer — $124,000

Web Developer — $100,000

QA Engineer $116,000

How to apply for Andela?


You can find Andela jobs that are available at the moment on the site of the company. You need to go to Andela careers page, choose an open role, and fill out the application form. Then the rigorous hiring process begins. 

Who are main Andela’s competitors?





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