Discover BairesDev Review And If It Is a Trustworthy Company

If you are looking for a reliable talent partner for your tech company, at some point you will come across BairesDev.

And after a little research, some questions may arise, like «Is BairesDev a trustworthy company?», «Why are there so many doubts on the internet about the legitimacy of BairesDev and it being a scam?» and «What are the prices?».

In this article, we will go through BairesDev reviews, its main pros and cons, and answer all those questions.

Let’s discover more about BairesDev and check its legitimacy!

About the BairesDev company

BairesDev is an outsourcing company with software engineers and other tech specialists in the talent pool. They assist their clients in finding a suitable professional, who they claim to be top 1% of all the IT talents in the world. Quite an impressive thing to say about yourself, but we’ll find out later if it is true.
BairesDev has 5000+ skilled professionals in their talent pool from 36 countries. They originally started as an outsourcing company with specialists from Latin America at the core. Their current team consists of approximately 50% Latin Americans.

What does BairesDev do?

In simple terms, BairesDev is an outsourcing company. But they claim to be more complicated than that. BairesDev’s team describes themselves as digital accelerators, and here’s what services they provide to accelerate clients’ digital transformation:

1. Solution Makers
Providing developers or teams to the company is not the only thing BairesDev can do to improve your business. They also help in the solution architecture for a business’s development or its digital transformation and provide the necessary experts to implement this solution. For that, BairesDev has Solution Architects on their team, whose job is to build a roadmap for your business’s digital transformation, taking into account all of the insights they might have after the deep dive into all the business processes.

2. Team Assembling
BairesDev has all the professionals required to assemble a full team: Project Managers, Product Managers, and all types of engineers from software developers to QA engineers. The assembled team will work full-time on your project, providing reports as often as you like.

3. Software Outsourcing
If the company lacks some qualifications in their team or needs more hands to achieve their goal faster, they always can turn to an outsourcing company like BairesDev to hire one or two specialists who will be working with them and fill in any gaps.

So, at BairesDev, you can receive all the standard services Software Outsourcing Companies normally provide and even more. But are they of good quality that leaves their customers satisfied? We are about to find out in the review section.

The history of the company

The story of BairesDev starts back in 2009 when a group of former software engineers had an insight — they realized there is a large gap in the market of talented engineers in Latin America. They decided to start a project with the ambitious aim to become the largest outsourcing company in Latin America.

They began to develop rapidly, focusing on delivering valuable and unique tech solutions to help businesses grow faster. For that, they established teams of skilled software engineers from Latin America with a strong command of English, various engineering languages, and extensive experience. 

By 2015 BairesDev received more than 100,000 applications annually. Only 1% of the applicants were hired as they established a truly rigorous hiring process. The company also expanded to Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Harvard, and San Francisco and opened offices in these locations.

Today, more than 1.2 million people apply for BairesDev annually. There are developers, engineers, and other specialists in their talent pool all over the world, but they still concentrate more on attracting IT talents from Latin America to achieve their original goal of becoming the largest outsourcing company in Latin America.

BairesDev for clients

BairesDev has a long client list  and there are a number of famous companies included, like Google, Burger King, eBay, IBM, Pinterest, and others.

For each company they start working with, there is a fairly simple flow of stages both sides have to go through to begin working together.

Let’s take a look at what those stages are.

How does BairesDev work with clients?

Set up a call


If you want to start cooperating with BairesDev, the first thing you need to do is to fill out the form on their website.

Nothing more than your name, email, and a quick outline of your needs is required.

Define expectations


The second step is to define your expectations. You will do it on the call, where you will be able to discuss your needs, and whether BairesDev can satisfy them, in detail.

If a match occurs at this stage, you will move on to the next step.



After all the requirements are set, BairesDev talent experts will jump into action.

They will pick the most suitable professionals from their talent pool, and the best of them — who might be the one for you — will have several calls with you to discover if they are the right one for you.

Maintenance plan


If you have your professionals, then you will need a plan and a strategy for further actions. The BairesDev team will provide you with a maintenance plan for a chosen solution.

Its contents depend on whether it’s an augmented staff, team, or software outsourcing.



During all your cooperation you will receive support from the BairesDev team on all issues that might arise.

BairesDev pricing for clients

There is not much information about BairesDev’s pricing for clients on the internet, but there is something about BairesDev’s salaries.

We can make a valuation of prices for clients by adding 20% or more to what they pay their employees. 

According to Glassdoor, Software Engineers earn an average of $150,000, Project Managers — $125,000, and QA Engineers — $125,000.

What do clients say about BairesDev?

Reviews are not consistent, so let’s look at patterns of positive and negative reviews to get an average view of the pros and cons of a company.

Good reviews include points about the great qualification of provided professionals, prompt responses, the attention they received, consistent follow-up, and an overall great impression.

From numerous reviews, we saw that some users expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s approach to marketing through frequent emails, which some even called “spam.”

People are irritated with their emails, which often mislead people to believe that BairesDev is not a legitimate company or even a scam, which is not true. 

BairesDev’s marketing team should reconsider these aggressive marketing techniques.

What do employees say about BairesDev?

There are a lot of contradictory reviews coming from employees too. Let’s look at some of them.

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BairesDev’s main competitors

There are a lot of BairesDev competitors to choose from, but we will look closely at three of them that we consider the most worthy of attention.



StartupSoft is a staff augmentation company like BairesDev, but we provide our clients with more than just staff. We can create a custom team for you, even if we don’t have certain specialists in our talent pool. We will go through headhunting, vetting, hiring, and even setting up an office and dealing with all the issues that may arise.

As a result of your cooperation with StartupSoft, you’ll not only get staff with qualifications you may lack but your own office (remote or in person) in new locations. And we don’t just concentrate on developers. With StartupSoft, you also can hire all sorts of specialists that may be needed for achieving your goals: product managers, project managers, marketing managers, and of course, all kinds of developers.

Here are some more benefits: 

  • Pre-vetting of candidates to save clients’ time.
  • Hiring individual professionals, pre-assembled teams, and entire teams.
  • Managing all the boring and bureaucratic things accompanying the hiring processes: legal arrangements, offices & equipment, administration, etc.




Like StartupSoft, Toptal also has more than just developers on their team. With them, you can hire designers, financial analysts, and other non-development professionals.

One of the main features of Toptal is that their specialists do not only go through the vetting process once at the beginning of the cooperation, they do it regularly. It helps Toptal to make sure their qualifications remain at the highest level. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that they have unusual pricing for the market. When you hire a developer or a non-developer specialist from Toptal, you pay only $500. That is the fee for the first two weeks of their job during which you will determine if they are the right fit. If everything works out for you with this specialist, the $500 will simply be added to the invoice. But if things won’t work with them, you will pay nothing more than that $500.



Andela is a global talent marketplace with more than 175,000 specialists. They are known for their philosophy of diversity, which is the backbone of the company since their first offices opened in Lagos, Nigeria. 

They have one of the most rigorous vetting processes that each candidate has to go through, but this process is reflected in the budget.  If you choose Andela as your talent partner the price is usually higher than the market average. Despite this higher cost, you won’t always get the quality you would expect. There was a gap between their initial strategy of growing juniors into seniors with their own educational system, and their later strategy of hiring seniors and not providing additional training. During that time, several over-qualified specialists entered the company and this is still evident today.

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If you’re looking for a reliable partner that would hand-pick top tech talent for you, we’d recommend checking out StartupSoft. We know we might be biased, but we’re quite confident we’ll be able to make that perfect tech match for you.

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BairesDev review: summary

BairesDev is definitely a company to consider working with, but as with all decisions in our lives, think twice. Their irritating marketing strategy can repel you once and for all, as well as your customers.

The other point that could stop you from contacting BairesDev is pricing. It is higher than the market average and, after looking at BairesDev competitors, you can easily find a company that is equivalent or better than BairesDev, but with lower prices.

Whether it is BairesDev or its competitors, the right partner is there for you.

FAQ: short answers to the main questions

What is BairesDev?


BairesDev is a staff augmentation company with software engineers and other tech specialists in its talent pool.

What does BairesDev do?


BairesDev provides clients with teams of tech specialists or individual professionals.

Who are the clients of BairesDev?


Tech companies, startups, and enterprises.

What is the BairesDev pricing?


According to glassdoor, Software Engineers earn an average of $150,000, Project Managers — $125,000, and QA Engineers — $125,000. The price for clients is allegedly 20% or more higher than the wages.

What to expect from BairesDev according to reviews?


Qualified specialists, various services, and a very aggressive marketing strategy that can negate all the pros.

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If you’re looking for a reliable partner that would hand-pick top tech talent for you, we’d recommend checking out StartupSoft. We know we might
be biased, but we’re quite confident we’ll be able to make that perfect tech match for you.

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