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Back-end developer [Node.js]

Lviv, Kyiv, Ternopil
Full time

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    StartupSoft connects top Ukrainian engineers with world-class startups from Silicon Valley and EU. Our developers work directly on the product as an integral part of the startup team.

    About project

    It is a full-service financial technology management consulting firm that provides advisory, strategy, governance, and finance & technological solutions to institutional clients. As part of the team, you will be part of an organization that develops and maintains innovative financial service solutions for our clients. The role will partner with internal and external professionals to develop supporting technology solutions such as creating digital and/or mobile tools to improve internal operations, applying robotics process automation to analyze financial data, and developing advanced financial dashboards, visualization, analytics, and reports.

    Tech stack

    Node.js, Go as main languages and frameworks of choice.
    Container and container orchestration technologies (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes).
    Microservice-oriented architectures.
    Cloud-native infrastructure (i.e. Microsoft Azure).

    Team composition

    The main aim is to build a team of full-stack people, who are ready to back up each other when there is a need. Also, there are QA, product owner, DevOps, CTO roles in the team.

    Project stage

    MVP stage.

    Qualifications and skills

    • 3+ years of experience with Node.js
    • Fluent in one or more programming languages (e.g. Go, Node.js)
    • Experience authoring and operating high-scale services
    • Experience with scalable distributed systems, both built from scratch as well as on Microsoft Azure
    • A focus on software engineering best practices such as testing, static analysis, continuous integration, delivery, and deployment
    • Self-sufficient in contributing to the team’s engineering efforts
    • A proven tech lead with experience planning and leading large projects with long-term impact on a single system or team
    • Strong technical grasp and have an excellent judgment on task prioritizations
    • Able to solve complex engineering problems that deliver results which help the team to achieve its objectives
    • History of creating and applying new processes and tooling to increase engineering efficiency.
    • Willingness to learn and use new technologies
    • Ability to debugging complex systems
    • Solid understanding of relational databases and transactions
    • Familiar with writing highly concurrent systems
    • Good intuition for REST API design

    Nice to have

    • Experience with high-growth startups
    • Experience working on Kubernetes and Microsoft Azure


    • Design large scalable systems within a team; making the right tradeoffs for risk and long-term maintainability
    • Lead, build, test, and release product-facing features with stringent correctness and scalability requirements; these features could be related to market data, trading, accounting, authentication, or security
    • Proactively identify and drive optimizations and improvements to the product, infrastructure, and systems
    • Collaborate with the front-end team to fine-tune our REST API and with our data team to support clients
    • Target the highest-profile problems within engineering, work to deliver a solution in a highly accelerated way with a repeatable, reusable pattern, template, or framework for teams going forward-facing similar problems
    • Identify high-impact classes of problems and design and implement general solutions with high return on investment
    • Provide mentorship both formally and informally to engineers, define and formalize the architecture design process and guide the overall architectural direction
    • Provide infrastructure and tooling to automate test development and execution up and down the testing pyramid, including unit, API, and integration testing
    • Provide the infrastructure to automate and standardize how software is built, versioned and deployed to target environments
    • Accelerate Kubernetes Adoption, provide compute, network, storage plus abstractions to interface with PAAS frameworks to automate, standardize and abstract common infrastructure
    • Transition the organization to an immutable, container-based infrastructure on Kubernetes via a self-service platform-as-a-service that enables engineers to generate, deploy and operate fully functional microservice stacks
    • Provide scalable, robust software and infrastructure
    • Provide a best in industry messaging platform with schema enforcement, exactly-once delivery, pub-sub and more

    Why StartupSoft?

    • Work with top entrepreneurs and startups from Silicon Valley and EU
    • Become an integral part of the core team — be more than someone who just writes code
    • Potential to receive equity in high-growth startups
    • Contribute to well-funded products with potential to impact millions
    • Beautiful offices in the best locations with high-end amenities (Lviv, Kyiv, Ternopil)
    • Tight-knit team with an inclusive and transparent culture
    • Only the latest, modern technologies with no legacy code and management bureaucracy
    • Above average salary, benefits & medical insurance
    Roksolana Kushliak

    Roksolana Kushliak

    Talent Acquisition Specialist


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    Middle level – 700 USD

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