Middle/Senior back-end developer [Rust]

Lviv, Ternopil, remote
Full time

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    StartupSoft connects top Ukrainian engineers with world-class startups from Silicon Valley and EU. Our developers work directly on the product as an integral part of the startup team

    About project

    Meetkai is a Los Angeles-based artificial intelligence and metaverse company, listed by Forbes as the company “leading the AI speech race”. Their advanced AI can understand complex speech, give personalized results in a natural conversation, and boast expertise about any subject. After reaching 20M+ users worldwide, they are dedicated to reshaping the future of the metaverse by building a virtual world rooted in reality, accessible to everyone, everywhere

    Tech stack

    C/C++; GO; Rust

    Team composition

    Right now it's a small team of 3 developers, working on project from scratch

    Project stage

    Company was founded in 2018, the current R&D product is new, many other products launched in 2021 and 2022 respectively

    Qualifications and skills

    • 1+ years of working with Rust (combined, both professionally and as a hobby could work, as Rust is difficult to pick up – most people need about 6 months to do that)
    • 4+ years of experience as a software engineer with compiled, typed languages (C/C++/Go)
    • 2+ years in game development
    • Ability to take ownership and be proud of contributions to our best-in-class game engine
    • A blend of perfectionism and pragmatism in Software Engineering ethos
    • Empathy for our users, partners, the team, and for yourself
    • Optimistic and realistic attitude, and a desire to win together as a team
    • Communication abilities related to complicated technical topics

    Nice to have

    • Experience building a game engine (usually this is a pet project or a hobby) – huge plus
    • Knowledge/skills of working with WebAssembly
    • Excitement and passion for Rust, VR, WebAssembly, “the Metaverse”


    • Learning the full stack and breadth of our game engine
    • Implement and optimize new 3D asset-processing & rendering features
    • Fill out integration with the full WebXR API for use with new VR peripherals
    • Develop and improve networking stack for multiplayer data syncing and static geometry loading
    • Implementing with Spatial Audio and Voice Chat features
    • Integration with Rapier physics engine
    • Creating demos to demonstrate various new features of the engine

    Why StartupSoft?

    • Work with top entrepreneurs and startups from Silicon Valley and EU
    • Become an integral part of the core team — be more than someone who just writes code
    • Potential to receive equity in high-growth startups
    • Contribute to well-funded products with potential to impact millions
    • Beautiful offices in the best locations with high-end amenities
    • Tight-knit team with an inclusive and transparent culture
    • Only the latest, modern technologies with no legacy code and management bureaucracy
    • Above average salary, benefits & medical insurance

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