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Company overview

Founded in 2011 by Ben Wolstenholme, Liam Sharp and Eugene Walden, Madefire is a technology enabled content company, and creator of the award-winning Madefire App. Madefire provides Creators and Publishers the cutting-edge publishing platform, ‘Motion Book Publisher’, which enables a digital-first approach to publishing cross-platform in multiple formats.

The company is backed within over $10 million by top VCs including True Ventures and Plus Capital, as well as Hollywood stars such as Drake, Nas and Kevin Spacey.


  • Talent constraint: hard to hire tech talent in Silicon Valley
  • Cost: difficult to control burn rate
  • Turnover: issues with retaining existing talent

While open to remote options, Madefire was hesitant to work with a remote, offshore engineers due to negative prior experiences.


  • Madefire core, leadership team is located at company HQ in Silicon Valley
  • To avoid the difficulties of hiring talent in San Francisco (talent constraint, cost, turnover), Madefire engaged StartupSoft to build a remote team in Ukraine
  • Madefire wishes to have the same degree of ownership over the remote team as they have with their in-house team


100 / growth
Madefire hired 5 engineers within 6 months
100 / money1
Total cost savings were 40% compared to hiring locally in Silicon Valley
100 / turnover1
After a year, talent turnover is 0%
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Eugene Walden

Co-founder & CTO, Madefire

So our experience with StartupSoft, we’re now about a year into it, and it’s been everything that I had hoped it would be and probably much better. I had pretty high expectations but this has worked out incredibly well. It was the best of both worlds – the stability and easier scalability here in Ukraine, but it still felt like it was part of Madefire HQ. I wasn’t renting employees, I was building fundamentally core value for my enterprise.

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