Hiring a Dedicated Development Team in 2023

During the last few years, companies and startups began to realize that having an in-house team isn’t necessary to launch a successful product. Remote teams can provide the same quality while incurring fewer costs. You save money on equipment, rates, office rent, and many other factors.

The number of companies worldwide reached 333.34 million in 2021. This increases the demand for software engineers in a geometrical progression. While it’s expected that there will be 28,7 million software developers around the globe by 2024, these talents will be scattered all over the planet.

Hiring a dedicated development team has emerged as the best solution. This strategy gives you remote, top-tier talent that works only with your project. Many companies already use this model, as the IT outsourcing market value is projected to reach $587,30 billion by 2027.

This article is your ultimate guide to choosing the best dedicated development teams. You’ll discover the available models, costs, benefits, and more. Read on now!

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

It’s similar to your typical in-house team. It is a long-term collaboration model between a client and an outsourced team.
The key takeaway is that all team members work exclusively for your company. Usually, they work remotely and full-time.

What talents are included?

As this is an advanced outsourcing model, you can get any kind of talent:


Front-end developer – builds the client-side elements of your software using JavaScript, React, Angular, etc.


Back-end developer – builds the server-side elements of your application using Python, Ruby, PHP, etc.


Project manager – communicates your requirements to the team, plans & manages deadlines, monitors progress, and many other responsibilities.


QA engineer – designs and conducts tests to ensure you get a bug-free and user-friendly app.

Depending on your project requirements, you might also need other professionals like UI/UX designers or business analysts. This collaboration model ensures you can get any expert you need.

How much does it cost?


The total costs depend on the following factors:

– Team composition;
– Seniority levels;
– Technologies;
– Locations.


You may expect the rates to be $45 per hour on average. While most projects require anything between $5000 and $25,000 per month, the sum could go even higher when developing a complex solution. The total costs can only be provided after your team assesses the project from tip to toe.

Difference Between Dedicated, Extended, and Outsourced Teams

While these terms are very close, they still have multiple critical differences.

  1. Dedicated Team. Hiring a full-fledged IT team that is fully dedicated to your project and works like a typical in-house team. Duration: long-term.
  2. Extended Team. Hiring additional skills & expertise to support an ongoing project or cover a temporary position. Duration: Short-term and long-term.
  3. Outsourced Team. Hiring a full-fledged IT team for short-term projects that could work with other companies as well. Duration: Short-term.

When to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

Using the services of dedicated software engineers is the best choice in several scenarios.

1. Launching a new product


If you’re a startup or business that plans on launching a new product while maintaining top-tier quality, then partnering with a software development team via this model is your most efficient option. You will get all the expertise to cover your processes from idea to implementation.

Additionally, your team can help you decide on the most suitable technologies and milestones for the project. These will usually be middle+ specialists who know the market and have a rich background in launching various products. Their experience will help you avoid common pitfalls as you move towards success.

2. Updating an old product


All software should be updated from time to time. Teaming up with outsourcers via the dedicated model allows you to get a long-term partnership with people who understand your product and will do their best to improve it. This includes both adding new features and eliminating bugs.

3. Scaling your business


If your current in-house teams are overwhelmed or you need to start an additional project, then a dedicated team can help you support these ambitions while keeping your budget optimized. It’s a robust possibility to grow your startup or business under any conditions.

4. Saving your budget


Outsourcing software development can help you save around 81.8% of your budget. Professionals from Ukraine and Eastern Europe charge less than they would in the United States or Canada. Simultaneously, they provide immense expertise that can take your business to the next level.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team


The dedicated team model’s popularity is easily explained by all the advantages it provides to businesses.

1. Cost-effectiveness


According to Zippia, outsourcing can cut up to 90% of labor costs. The goal of any company is to increase revenue while minimizing expenses, so it’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs use this model.

Here’s why hiring a dedicated team is cost-effective:


1. You partner with talents that charge less and provide top-tier quality;

2. You don’t spend money on office rent or equipment as you would with an in-house team;

3. You can leave the management and bureaucracy to the vendor while focusing on other tasks.


As the global outsourcing market reached $92.5 billion in 2019, it’s obvious that more and more startups and businesses invest in this model due to the immense cost savings it provides.

2. Simplified management


Companies often hire dedicated teams along with a project manager to ensure the development and management processes work smoothly. This position is necessary to liberate the business owner from routine tasks like monitoring and reports, as the PM covers everything.

An additional benefit is full transparency of the work process. Your team is likely to use software like Jira or Slack to communicate and set tasks, so you can be updated on the progress at any time.

3. Global talent pool


Finding the perfect match for your project is easier when you aren’t tied to a certain location. You can get an expert with the right experience and skills from any country. There are already about 27,7 million software developers around the globe and the number of specialists continues to grow. 

 4. Top-tier flexibility


Sometimes, your project might require certain changes on the go. This could be an additional expert due to overload on the current team or team reduction if the load is too small. Your talent partner can help you apply these changes on demand, ensuring maximum efficiency.

5. Task-focused collaboration


A dedicated team is literally “dedicated”. All members are fully committed to your project, diving into the problem to develop a top-notch solution. They don’t work on side projects because your business is their full-time priority. It’s just like working with an in-house team.

6. Faster development speed


As the team is focused on your project, the development cycle becomes significantly faster. This also improves communication and speeds up bug fixes, new features, and all other processes. With additional flexibility and scalability, you can solve any issue in any time frame.

7. Increased scalability


You can easily increase or decrease the number of people on your team. For example, StartupSoft’s talent pool includes thousands of software engineers with various backgrounds and skill sets. This means that you can get any professional in under a week to start working on your project right away.

How to Hire Dedicated Software Engineers?

Finding a reliable team is a real challenge. It should be a long-term partnership that helps your product grow and conquer the market. Here are some of the secrets to finding experts that could be the perfect match.

1. Set your vision


First of all, you should clearly understand your expectations. All requirements must be written down and defined to the last detail to ensure the entire team knows the direction for movement. Your input at this stage will determine the whole project’s success later on.

2. Research the market


Use websites like Clutch, Goodfirms, and others to find the best outsourcing vendors for your company. You can understand whether the provider can meet your demands by reading their case studies and client reviews. 

Focus on these two elements when browsing different providers:

1. Case studies – this will show the vendor’s experience in various areas and technologies. It’s a good way for you to ensure the team worked with a similar challenge. However, remember that many projects are not shown because of nondisclosure agreements.
2. Client reviews – this will show the vendor’s work from the client’s point of view. It’s usually a good indicator to determine the team’s communication and transparency levels. Customers often share information that is absent in the case studies, so we recommend reading the testimonials too.

After finding the most relevant options, move on to the next step.

3. Contact companies


This is the stage where you discuss your project with your chosen companies. It’s an opportunity to ask for an estimate, see how the team communicates, and build a general impression of the vendor. 

While written conversations are a nice option, it’s even better if you can communicate live via Zoom or Google Meet. This will let you ask the company’s representative about all additional information that you might need: the work process, the team’s experience, and other questions.

4. Protect your data


At this moment, your most valuable asset is your project idea. It must be protected at all costs. One way to achieve that is by signing an NDA before sharing any details with your potential partner.  

A nondisclosure agreement obliges the outsourcing vendor to keep your information secret. This includes ideas, features, technologies, and anything related to the project. It’s a standard practice in the IT industry.

Also, software development companies that work within the EU are obliged to comply with the GDPR to protect user data. Having the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate is also beneficial as it shows that you’re working with a vendor who knows how to protect information resources.

5. Contact StartupSoft


StartupSoft helps you get a dedicated team of vetted professionals who care about your project and have the right experience to create a worthwhile product. The company covers everything from staffing to team retention, ensuring you don’t have to worry about anything. Talk to an expert now to get an estimate!

6. Discuss your project


Explain your idea to the team. It’s essential that each member understands your expectations so they can choose the best approach to bring them to life. During this stage, you might also get some valuable insights as you’ll be talking to people who have already launched dozens of products in your industry.

7. Build your project


This is where the magic happens. Your development team works hard to build the software you need, sharing their progress with each milestone. The project manager ensures you’re regularly updated on the project status, ensuring the team works within the deadline. 

8. Maintain your project


Congratulations, you’ve launched your product! Now it’s time to hunt down all pesky bugs that might appear during release, provide constant updates, and ensure your software is always stable. Your team will still be there to back you up. 

Software Development Services Market Overview

Global spending on enterprise software is expected to reach $755 billion by the end of 2023. Considering that the revenue of the IT services market is projected to reach $1 204 billion during the same time frame, it is obvious that the market is booming.

Demand for skilled and experienced teams is higher than ever as companies struggle to compete against each other. This requires large budgets. Many businesses mitigate this issue by using outsourcing and hiring dedicated teams.

Here are some examples of large-scale companies that use this strategy:

– Google – the corporation outsources customer support, IT management, and development;
– Netflix – the SaaS application outsources the production process for most TV shows;
– WhatsApp – the messenger’s iOS version was fully outsourced to a dedicated team.

Your brand’s name could also be on the list. Maybe it’s time to start outsourcing software development?

Partner with StartupSoft

StartupSoft will help you build a dedicated team of professionals who are fully engaged in your project. Our talent pool consists of people who own their work and dedicate their experience to your success. You’ll work with experts who take pride in their creations and share your values, because that’s how the world’s best products are brought to life.


Leave the hustle to us:

– Sourcing, interviewing, and recruiting;
– Office scouting, rental, and administration;
– Cybersecurity and infrastructure;
– Legal, taxes, and operations;
– Equipment, tools, and software;
– HR and team retention.

We’ll bring you people who value long-term commitment to save your budgets and provide you with top-tier quality.

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What is a dedicated development team?


It’s a collaboration model where you hire a remote team for long-term cooperation solely with your project. Think of it like hiring an in-house team but via outsourcing.

Why choose dedicated developers?


This model helps you reduce costs, gain additional flexibility, and access a global talent pool while maintaining full control over the team. It’s just like working with an in-house department but cheaper and more efficient. Also, it’s usually very flexible as the vendor can provide you with any expertise on demand.

How to choose a dedicated development vendor?


The first step is understanding which talents you need. Then you should research and compare companies on rating websites like Clutch or Goodfirms. Read their reviews and case studies to see whether they’re a good fit for you. Then contact a company and discuss the terms of cooperation.

Where to hire dedicated teams?


Websites like Clutch and Goodfirms provide a wide variety of companies to choose from. However, you can save time by contacting StartupSoft directly. The team covers all processes from hiring to retention, ensuring you get top-tier quality in your budget.

What is the best dedicated team?


StartupsSoft is your reliable partner for hiring a dedicated team from Ukraine and other countries. We provide startups and businesses with top-tier talent, helping them gather like-minded people who own their work. You get a team that’s fully involved in your project while we handle all the management processes.

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