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Startup Exits Podcast with Ben Rubenstein, founder of Yodle and Opcity

$550 million in exits: how Ben started, ran and sold Yodle and Opcity
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Ben Rubenstein

Founder of Yodle and Opcity

Ben is a fascinating founder. Over his 15-year career as an entrepreneur, he started and sold 2 companies – Yodle to Web.com for $350 million, Opcity to Realtor.com for $200 million – and hired over 2,000 people. If you do the math, that's about $35 million in value creation and 130 new jobs per year. Crazy!

We chat with Ben about

  • Disrupting Yellow Pages
  • How to be good at sales
  • How to build a 1000-person sales team
  • Ben’s first exit – Web.com acquires Yodle
  • Do founders need industry expertise?
  • Ben’s second exit – Realtor.com acquires Opcity
  • Can you buy a home without humans involved?
  • Future of local advertising

Ben is currently on the executive team of Realtor.com and is an advisor to several startups.

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