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Startup Exits Podcast with Brett Lovelady, founder of Astro Gaming

The $85 million sale to Logitech: how Brett started, ran and sold Astro Gaming
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Brett Lovelady

Founder of Astro Gaming

Brett is a Silicon Valley OG and one the leading figures in the world of product design. Having founded a design studio in the 90s, Brett helped Fortune 500 companies make iconic tech products, such as the Xbox 360 and Nike's Triax watches. He then went on to start Astro Gaming, the DTC maker of what is arguably the most popular gaming headset in the world, which was acquired by Skullcandy and then by Logitech for $85 million.

We chat with Brett about

  • Why did the world need another design shop?
  • Relationship with Jony Ive
  • Design for startups vs big companies
  • Offering a service for equity
  • Moving fast vs being perfect
  • How much design is copied?
  • The future of AR

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