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Startup Exits Podcast with Grant Horsfield, founder of Naked Hub

The $400 million sale to WeWork: how Grant started, ran and sold Naked Hub
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Grant Horsfield

Founder of Naked Hub

After finishing his MBA in South Africa and moving to China in 2006, Grant was interested in selling to the Chinese, not buying from them. He started Naked Group, a luxury brand of resorts, and Naked Hub, a community and design focused coworking company that was acquired by WeWork for $400 million after 3 years of being on the Chinese market.

We chat with Grant about

  • Startup environment in China
  • Startups in US vs China
  • Future of the modern office
  • WeWork acquisition
  • Brand building
  • Disrupting education

Grant is currently focused on disrupting education and making the lives of teachers better.

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