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Startup Exits Podcast with Janelle Benjamin, founder of SuperData

M&A by Nielsen: how Janelle started, ran and sold SuperData
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Janelle Benjamin

Founder of SuperData

In late 2000s, Janelle Benjamin predicted the upcoming digitalization of the gaming industry and started SuperData, an ahead-of-its-time market intelligence and analytics company for digital games and VR. She grew the company to dozens of employees, millions in revenue and a successful exit to Nielsen.

We chat with Janelle about

  • What is market intelligence and how is it collected?
  • Analytics now vs 10 years ago
  • Running a business with your husband/wife
  • The future of the gaming industry
  • Privacy and data collection in games
  • Acquisition by a competitor

Janelle Benjamin currently mentors and invests in startups run by underrepresented founders.

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