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Startup Exits Podcast with Patrick O’Donnell, founder of Urbanspoon

The $50 million sale to Zomato: how Patrick started, ran and sold Urbanspoon
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Patrick O'Donnell

Founder of Urbanspoon

Launched on the day the App Store opened, Urbanspoon was one of the most iconic apps created in the early iPhone era. Having been through a few exits already, Patrick co-founded and helped to grow Urbanspoon to millions of users and a successful acquisition by IAC and Zomato.

We chat with Patrick about

  • Disrupting education
  • Early days of Urbanspoon
  • Startups & family: work-life balance
  • How Urbanspoon was featured in Apple’s commercial
  • Innovative UX or gimmick?
  • Scaling a product in a paradigm shift
  • Acquisition transition: founder vs employee experience
  • Patrick’s new company, FreshChalk
  • How do you productize personal recommendations?
  • The future of word-of-mouth

Patrick is currently taking on Yelp with his new friend recommendation startup, Fresh Chalk.

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