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Startup Exits Podcast with Paul Murphy, founder of Dots

The $200 million sale to Take Two: how Paul started, ran and sold Dots
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Paul Murphy

Founder of Dots

Facebook purchased GIPHY for $400 million and Take Two purchased Dots for $200 million –– what do these two acquisitions have in common? Three things: both are 9-figure exits, both happened in 2020 and both were incubated by Paul Murphy. In this episode, we focus on Paul’s experience in incubating and growing Dots, a series of casual and highly addicting mobile games, towards their eventual sale, and Paul's subsequent transition to venture capital.

We chat with Paul about

  • Incubating multiple startups at Betaworks
  • Can pretty design be a value prop?
  • Spending $10k on FB ads in 1 hour by accident
  • Attempts at entering the Chinese market
  • Moving from being a founder to VC investing
  • Would Paul-the-VC invest in Paul-the-founder?
  • What if the team is great but the idea is bad?

Paul Murphy is currently an investor at Northzone, an early-stage venture capital firm in London.

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