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Startup Exits Podcast with Revett Eldred, founder of Minerva

The $25 million founder payou‪t‬: how Revett started, ran and sold Minerva
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Revett Eldred

Founder of Minerva

Revett Eldred is a British-Canadian entrepreneur with two, eight-figure exits. After spending his career as a programmer in the 60s and 70s, he got tired of the bureaucratic nature of corporate America and started his own consulting firm, Minerva. Revett grew the company from 0 to 250 employees, became the first Canadian partner of Microsoft, won a bunch of prestigious awards and sold Minerva after 12 years –– all without a dime of outside capital!

We chat with Revett about

  • Being a programmer in the 1960s
  • Closing a first client as an unknown firm
  • Sales strategy: break it down into stages
  • Working with Bill Gates
  • Cashing an eight-figure check after selling Minerva
  • Can you predict the 2020s from the 1960s?
  • The future of the office and WFH

Revett Eldred is a self-proclaimed “aging geek” and “retired bum” and spends his time giving back to young entrepreneurs, like myself and my brother Alex. We should all be grateful for people like Revett.

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