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Startup Exits Podcast with Shayan Zadeh, founder of Zoosk

The $250 million sale to Spark Networks: how Shayan started, ran and sold Zoosk
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Shayan Zadeh

Founder of Zoosk

With friend and co-founder Alex Mehr, Shayan Zadeh came to US from Iran at a time when both countries had no diplomatic relations or direct flights. They went on to study computer science, work at NASA and Microsoft, and start Zoosk – an Inc 5000 dating platform that went on to exit for $250 million.

We chat with Shayan about

  • Coming to US as a founder
  • Generating and filtering startup ideas
  • Weathering a storm vs. Beating a dead horse
  • Early days of Zoosk and key pivot
  • Why have two CEOs at a startup?
  • Cancelling an IPO

Shayan Zadeh is currently the CEO of DressBarn.

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