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Startup Exits Podcast with Usman Haque, founder of Pachube

M&As by LogMeIn and Google: how Usman started, ran and sold Pachube
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Usman Haque

Founder of Pachube

Usman Haque is one of the most influential figures in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). After studying architecture in London, Usman founded Pachube (now known as Xively), a pioneering IoT platform that went on to be acquired by LogMeIn and later by Google for $50 million.

We chat with Usman about

  • Merging the world of architecture with tech
  • Pioneering the early days of IoT
  • Why should sensors talk to each other?
  • Helping the Fukushima cleanup
  • Current state of IoT
  • Security concerns in an IoT world

Usman Haque is now the founding member of Umbrellium.

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