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Startup Exits Podcast with Yan Pritzker, founder of Reverb

The $275 million sale to Etsy: how Yan started, ran and sold Reverb
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Yan Pritzker

Founder of Reverb

Since the beginning of his tech career in the 1990s, Yan has experienced multiple startup exits as both an employee and as a founder. Most recently, he founded and served as the CTO of Reverb.com – a wildly-successful marketplace for musical instruments that became a top 300 most visited website in the US and was acquired by Etsy for $275 million.

We chat with Yan about

  • Immigrating from Soviet Union and getting into startups
  • Turning passion into business
  • Hiring your target audience as customer service reps
  • Addressing “What if Google decides to compete with you?” type questions
  • Overcoming the chicken and egg problem of marketplaces
  • Why Yan is so confident in bitcoin
  • Bitcoin in 10-20 years

Yan Pritzker is now working on making Bitcoin investing easy via his new company Swan Bitcoin.

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