Senior Graphic Engineer

Ukraine only
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    StartupSoft connects top Ukrainian engineers with world-class startups from Silicon Valley and EU. Our developers work directly on the product as an integral part of the startup team.

    About project

    LottieFiles is a micro animation design company that features a mobile-based platform that enables designers to share, test, and iterate micro animations. Its software platform specialises in digital art, motion graphics, web design, and app design. The company was founded in 2018 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.
    LottieFiles assembled one of the largest communities in our industry with over a million raving fans from over 250,000+ companies (Google, TikTok, Disney, Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix etc) who use our platform and tools every day to enhance their workflow and ship incredibly engaging content. Lottie, a revolutionary format, can be best described as a movement, and LottieFiles is a company wrapped around it. By listening to the Lottie community, we’ve created a unique set of editing, workflow, and collaboration tools that seamlessly integrate with popular design software and developer environments such as Adobe After Effects, Figma, VS Code, and others.

    Tech stack

    Typescript; React; TailwindCSS or similar CSS framework; GraphQL / gRPC; Testing libraries

    Team composition

    The company has over 80 employees who work remotely from all over the world

    Project stage

    Live product, fully established

    Qualifications and skills

    • 5+ years of professional experience in graphics programming and web development
    • Demonstrable expertise in Three.js, WebGL, Canvas API, and shader programming
    • Proven experience as a Graphics Engineer or similar role, with a strong portfolio showcasing web-based graphics projects (3D or 2D)
    • Proficiency in graphics programming with a deep understanding of Three.js, WebGL / WebGPU, Canvas API, or game engines such as Unity or Unreal
    • Solid experience in front-end development using React, JavaScript, and TypeScript
    • Familiarity with shader programming languages such as GLSL or HLSL
    • Strong knowledge of modern web technologies, standards, and best practices
    • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think algorithmically
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment

    Nice to have

    • Familiarity with graphics rendering optimization
    • Contributions to open-source graphics projects or communities


    • Design and implement visually stunning graphics and animations using ThreeJS, WebGL, and Canvas API
    • Develop efficient, scalable graphics solutions for web applications, ensuring compatibility across various devices and platforms
    • Collaborate with the design and development team to integrate graphics seamlessly into web applications using React
    • Optimize graphic content for performance, including frame rates and loading times, ensuring a smooth user experience
    • Stay abreast of advancements in web graphics technologies and techniques and implement best practices in graphic programming
    • Debug and troubleshoot graphics-related issues, providing innovative solutions to complex challenges
    • Work closely with the UI/UX team to ensure graphic implementations align with user experience goals and design principles

    Why StartupSoft?

    • Work with top entrepreneurs and startups from Silicon Valley and EU
    • Become an integral part of the core team — be more than someone who just writes code
    • Potential to receive equity in high-growth startups
    • Contribute to well-funded products with potential to impact millions
    • Beautiful offices in the best locations with high-end amenities
    • Tight-knit team with an inclusive and transparent culture
    • Only the latest, modern technologies with no legacy code and management bureaucracy
    • Above average salary, benefits & medical insurance

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