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Hi there, I’m Andrew Vasylyk, the founder and VP of Startupsoft. On this podcast, I talk to founders who successfully sold their tech companies.

Here you won’t find exit strategies that will provide 100% certainty of success, but what you do get is the helpful experience and insights of the lucky ones whose businesses were acquired for $100s of millions.

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Guest 1

Chris Barton

founder of Shazam37:03

A visionary and a founder of the iconic Shazam, with billions of app downloads, Chris Barton shares what it was like starting a business with a friend during a massive economic crisis, raising capital with cold emails, and selling his company to Apple.

Guest 2

Tim Jenkins

founder of Sendgrid22:39

Listen to Tim Jenkins, one of Sendgrid's founders, sharing about remote work, getting the product fit right, being rejected by a major startup accelerator, and their way to a 3-billion-dollar acquisition

Guest 3

Sean Byrnes

founder of Flurry38:33

Sean Byrnes shares what it is like to be a trend-setter, how to navigate your business when you launch way before the market’s ready, how to go about the first customer acquisition strategy and how to find a perfect product-market fit.

Guest 4

Armando & Massimo

founders of AdEspresso37:22

Massimo Chieruzzi and Armando Biondi share their experience with 500 Startups, the future of digital advertising, and common marketing mistakes to avoid when running a business.

Guest 5

Josh Hix

founder of Plated34:36

Josh Hix shares his experience as a Plated founder, his view of the food tech future, and explains how to start your own company

Guest 6

Mark Volchek

founder of Higher One29:18

Mark Volchek shares how he built Higher One from startup to IPO, explains the difference between public vs. private company, and answers how to approach investors.

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