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Startup exits are the most sought after events in Silicon Valley but very few people get to experience them. So we chat with founders that started, ran and sold a tech company to learn about how it all went down.

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Rob Howard, founder of Telligent

The M&A by Verint: how Rob started, ran and sold Telligent

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Carl Christensen, founder of Spacemaker

The $240 million sale to Autodesk‬: how Carl started, ran and sold Spacemaker

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Revett Eldred, founder of Minerva

The $25 million founder payou‪t‬: how Revett started, ran and sold Minerva

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Paul Murphy, founder of Dots

The $200 million sale to Take Two: how Paul started, ran and sold Dots

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Janelle Benjamin, founder of SuperData

M&A by Nielsen: how Janelle started, ran and sold SuperData

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Usman Haque, founder of Pachube

M&As by LogMeIn and Google: how Usman started, ran and sold Pachube

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Shayan Zadeh, founder of Zoosk

The $250 million sale to Spark Networks: how Shayan started, ran and sold Zoosk

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Thejo Kote, founder of Automatic

The $115 million sale to Sirius XM: how Thejo started, ran and sold Automatic

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Yan Pritzker, founder of Reverb

The $275 million sale to Etsy: how Yan started, ran and sold Reverb

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Will Harbin, founder of Kixeye

The $120 million sale to Stillfront: how Will started, ran and sold Kixeye

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