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Hi there, I’m Andrew Vasylyk, the founder and VP of Startupsoft. On this podcast, I talk to founders who successfully sold their tech companies.

Here you won’t find exit strategies that will provide 100% certainty of success, but what you do get is the helpful experience and insights of the lucky ones whose businesses were acquired for $100s of millions.

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Guest 1

Chris Barton

founder of Shazam

A visionary and a founder of the iconic Shazam, with billions of app downloads, Chris Barton shares what it was like starting a business with a friend during a massive economic crisis, raising capital with cold emails, and selling his company to Apple.

Guest 2

Tim Jenkins

founder of Sendgrid

Listen to Tim Jenkins, one of Sendgrid's founders, sharing about remote work, getting the product fit right, being rejected by a major startup accelerator, and their way to a 3-billion-dollar acquisition

Guest 3

Sean Byrnes

founder of Flurry

Sean Byrnes shares what it is like to be a trend-setter, how to navigate your business when you launch way before the market’s ready, how to go about the first customer acquisition strategy and how to find a perfect product-market fit.

Guest 4

Armando & Massimo

founders of AdEspresso

Massimo Chieruzzi and Armando Biondi share their experience with 500 Startups, the future of digital advertising, and common marketing mistakes to avoid when running a business.

Guest 5

Josh Hix

founder of Plated

Josh Hix shares his experience as a Plated founder, his view of the food tech future, and explains how to start your own company

Guest 6

Mark Volchek

founder of Higher One

Mark Volchek shares how he built Higher One from startup to IPO, explains the difference between public vs. private company, and answers how to approach investors.

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