First time hearing
about StartupSoft?

No worries, we’ll explain the concept
before we reach the end of the page.

What We are

StartupSoft is a staff augmentation company that helps tech startups from Silicon Valley and other tech hubs across the US and Canada build their offshore and nearshore development and R&D centers in Europe.

So, a software development company?

Not exactly.

Instead of doing everything for you and keeping our learned-in-action
know hows to ourselves, we allow you to build your own custom team
and work with them directly.
It’s basically, like opening an office in a new location
but without all the trouble that comes with it.

We take care of:

pre-vetting and recruiting

Legal arrangements, payments and taxes according to local laws

offices, equipment and employee happiness

Local community to help your team overseas feel included

But it’s only for developers, right?

That’s what you’d get with most of our competitors...
That’s not how real teams work. But what would be the point of expanding your operations to another country but limiting yourself to developers only?

Real teams hire:

Software engineers

Data scientists

UX/UI designers

QA engineers

Business analysts

Projects managers

Product managers

StartupSoft itself started
from a failed startup.

Do we have
what it takes
to work with

1 Idea

Back in 2015, our two co-founders — the Vasylyk brothers made an audacious attempt to build a new local social network called the Ukrainians.

2 Fail and solution

That bird didn’t fly, but they still had an amazing team of software engineers too good to let go. That was the first team we built for others to enjoy.First of dozens that came later.

3 Experience

Since then, we deepened our expertise and understanding
of how startups are build and what their needs are.

4 Happy end

That’s how our successful business was built
on the ruins of our beautiful failure — a tale familiar to nearly every tech entrepreneur out there.

Our team

Every member of our leadership team has had
experience working on a startup or in a startup.

Meet our core crew:

Andrew Vasylyk

VP & Co-founder

Victoria Kerunchyk

Head of

Greg Yanchak


Alex Vasylyk

CEO & Co-founder

Oleg Moskal

Head of finance

Lada Leitsius

Head of marketing

You don’t want to know
about our mission, do you?

To be honest, we believe that a few people take those things seriously
these days. So we’ll leave them for the outdated business textbooks.

But there a few things we all agree on and that we
love to share with everyone we work with:


Doing things a little bit better than before and/or others goes
a much longer way than artificial pioneering.


Saying things as they are is always the best solution to any problem.


Work doesn’t have to be crazy for the job to be done great.

Call them values, if you’d like.
That’s about it.

Is it your stop?

Still hesitating?

Check out our materials
to make the right staffing decision

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