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Services We Provide

Custom Software Development

Our senior software engineers deliver top-quality solutions in today’s fastest-growing industries. We specialize in mobile, responsive, hybrid, and native applications across various operating systems.

Staff Augmentation

We offer access to a diverse pool of over 118K senior and lead software professionals. You maintain control over the product plan, key decisions, and how things run. We handle recruitment, technical setups, tax matters, and your team's potential.

Advanced Technologies


Employing AI/ML technologies automates routine tasks, streamlines processes, and optimizes resource allocation. This leads to increased productivity and cost savings while ensuring the software stays adaptable to future tech advancements.

Cloud services

Managing peak loads, securing sensitive data, and fine-tuning the infrastructure. Our focus is on achieving maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


IoT technology is key for collecting real-time data from gadgets like wearables, sensors, and smart devices. It helps businesses make quick, smart decisions, work more efficiently, and understand user behavior.

UI/UX design

Intuitive UX/UI design makes users more interested, cuts down on support costs, and increases your product sales and revenue.

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Andrew Vasylyk

Founder, StartupSoft

Andrew Vasylyk

Founder, StartupSoft

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