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Since 2016, StartupSoft has been engineering software for Silicon Valley innovators across a range of industries. By utilizing deep technical expertise, we design, develop, and support software products. Thus helping our clients go beyond and do more.

Custom Software Development Services

Application Development and Support

Building custom applications for web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Our focus is on speed, adaptability to real-time needs, and commitment to quality. We use proper technology to enhance operations and remove technical debt.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Helping enterprises take their digital customer experience to a higher level, eliminate organizational barriers, streamline processes, and promote financial efficiency.

UI/UX Design

Blending deep expertise, modern technology, and best-fit tools for creating a functionally active design. We offer a comprehensive blueprint for your solution with defined system architecture and software design.

Advanced Technologies


Employing AI/ML technologies automates routine tasks, streamlines processes, and optimizes resource allocation. This leads to increased productivity and cost savings while ensuring the software stays adaptable to future tech advancements.


IoT technology is key for collecting real-time data from gadgets like wearables, sensors, and smart devices. It helps businesses make quick, smart decisions, work more efficiently, and understand user behavior.

Cloud services

Our services accelerate the deployment of multi-cloud strategies and infrastructure updates, creating a cohesive user experience. We simplify the transition, help reduce costs, and minimize operational hurdles as we modernize your systems.

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Cooperation Models

Staff augmentation

We provide self-driven experts and teams from the pool of 118K+ senior/lead software professionals who fit culturally and technically. We are available for full-time or part-time engagements, maintaining flexibility throughout the process. In addition to assembling the right talent, whether individual specialists or full teams, we manage all legal agreements, including hiring, tech setups, tax handling, and ensuring your team reaches its full potential.

Managed Services

This model involves the outsourcing of specific functions and tasks, where we are responsible for managing and delivering services with a dedicated development team. Our team ensures proactive support, reduces downtime through quick issue resolution, and offers subscription-based pricing for predictable budgeting. You get access to a pool of IT experts for the latest industry insights and can focus on core business activities. The services are scalable and adjust to changing needs, whether it's expanding during peak periods or integrating new technologies.

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