Josh Hix shares his view of the food tech future and explains how to start your own company

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Andrew Vasylyk speaks with Josh Hix, a founder of Plated, about the role of an MBA in running a business and explains small business startup financing. Josh Hix shares insights about his first successfully built and sold product, provides advice on how to start your own Internet company, and reflects on his Shark Tank open-call experience. Additionally, he examines the role of startup competitors in the early stages of a business.

About the guest

Josh Hix is a serial entrepreneur. In 2012, he founded Plated, an ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service. In 2013, as a co-founder of Plated, he participated in Techstars, then in Shark Tank (2014) and Beyond the Tank (2015). In 2017, Plated was acquired by Albertsons. However, Josh Hix stayed in food tech even after the acquisition, as it is one of his biggest passions. Thus, in 2019, he co-founded Season Health, a platform that aims to help members and providers manage chronic conditions. In this episode, he shares his journey with Plated and offers invaluable advice to other entrepreneurs on how to start your own Internet company.

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