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Startup Exits Podcast with Carl Christensen, founder of Spacemaker. The $240 million sale to Autodesk‬: how Carl started, ran and sold Spacemaker

Carl Christensen,

founder of Spacemaker – Startup Exits Podcast – StartupSoft

The $240 million sale to Autodesk‬: how Carl started, ran and sold Spacemaker

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“We’re building a city the size of Paris each week, so every non-optimal project that’s built today is a missed opportunity for changing the world” –– this is one of the reasons why Carl Christensen founded an AI-driven architectural design startup, Spacemaker. The company raised over $30 million, was declared a startup of the year in Norway and was acquired for $240 million in just 4 years.
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We chat with Carl about:

  • What’s wrong with how cities are built?
  • What’s the result of non-optimal urban planning?
  • How’s urban planning done today?
  • Startup ecosystem in Norway
  • Where else can AI-driven design be valuable?
  • Will AI replace architects?
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This podcast is brought to you by Andrew Vasylyk, a host of Startup Exits Podcast and a founder of StartupSoft, your reliable partner in hiring, managing & retaining remote employees. Andrew is passionate about startups, technology, and Ukraine.

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