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Startup Exits Podcast with Will Harbin, founder of Kixeye

The $120 million sale to Stillfront: how Will started, ran and sold Kixeye
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Will Harbin

Founder of Kixeye

Will is a tech entrepreneur with multiple exits. In late 2000s he founded Kixeye, a game studio that pioneered the free-to-play genre and dominated Facebook gaming with hit titles like War Commander, VEGA Conflict, Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates. Will led the company to millions of users, hundreds of employees and a $120 million acquisition by Stillfront Group in 2019.

We chat with Will about

  • Launching a gaming company
  • Casual vs hardcore gaming
  • Dangers of relying on a single platform (Facebook)
  • Monetization strategies for games
  • Are gaming companies startups?
  • Strategy: one hit game or multiple smaller ones?
  • Future of the gaming industry

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